Faith Healthcare Center

At Faith Healthcare Center, we highly value our relationships with other professionals. We look forward to the opportunity of expanding our ability to coordinate with therapists, physicians, counselors, and other healthcare providers for the betterment of our patients.

We accept referrals from a variety of sources. We are eager to work with our clients’ referents to make certain that we are providing the highest standards of care possible.

Clinical Referrals

We accept referrals from other mental health and healthcare professionals. We accept referrals from physicians, general practitioners, social workers, counselors, hospitals, social workers, and other medical professionals. We work in collaboration with referring practitioners to ensure the delivery of continuing, consistent care.


We also accept self-referrals. Our team is available to answer any questions you might have about our services or to facilitate service arrangements. They can walk you through the process of setting an appointment, and they can explain the benefits of our evidence-based, personalized treatment approaches.

Referral Forms

Should you have referrals, please do not hesitate to use the forms below. We look forward to your responses and referrals!