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DeboBeth Urgent Medical and Mental Health Care Services seeks to ensure universal access to urgent mental health care, substance abuse treatment and primary health care services for all in need, regardless of the race, income or insurance status in one setting. Debobeth Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care for mental health issues, like acute psychosis and substance abuse, using medication-assisted treatment, supportive psychotherapy, and psychosocial services.

We make sure that acutely ill clients receive immediate comprehensive medical care until stabilization, decrease mortality from opioid overdose, boost recovery from illness, and reduce the number of patient’s visits to the hospital emergency room. DeboBeth clients will have the opportunity for continuity of care with a primary care provider, mental health and substance abuse services with supportive psychotherapy at one location for maintenance and stability.

Services Offered

Our services will provide optimum care as primary prevention, secondary curative, and tertiary rehabilitation of physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. DeboBeth will partner with pharmacy and laboratory services to provide immediate care without delay in initiating medical care.

Our services include:

  • Integrated Medical
    Various fields of medical care are coordinated carefully to ensure that your diverse needs are met.
  • Mental Health
    When you are struggling with mental health issues, you can get treatment and therapy from Debobeth facilitated by our trained and licensed mental health professionals.
  • Behavioral Health
    With the use of industry best cognitive therapy and techniques, behavioral health issues can be treated.

DeboBeth comprehensive medical services will make a difference to the well-being of every individual, family and the community, enriching the lives of people in both advantaged and disadvantaged circumstances. Thereby provide benefits to the health of the community, and reducing the number of deaths from substance abuse and suicidal attempts.

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